New Natural Handheld Body Brush

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One of the best ways to stimulate your lymphatic system and exfoliate dead skin is through Body Brushing, also known as dry skin brushing. It feels invigorating, clears and reduces the size of pores, appearance of cellulite, and makes your skin feel softer removing any dryness or flaking. Because it stimulates the circulatory system, you may also notice an increase of energy as you're basically assisting your lymph drainage of toxins and getting your blood to flow more efficiently.
Make it part of your daily morning pampering routine and try for yourself!
The entire process takes around 20 minutes.
Starting at the soles of your feet, apply a gentle pressure brushing upwards toward the inner groin area (one of the main lymph areas). Ensure you repeat at least 3 times all areas of the leg as you stroke up - left then right.
Next, do the same with the arms starting at the palms of the hands working toward the armpits (another lymph area).
On the Stomach & armpits brush in a circular clockwise motion continuing on to the abdomen & back, you want to ensure you brush always to the center of the body towards the heart.
You can also do this on your face but be gentle and use a smaller softer brush.

Item Type: Set
Brand Name: Y&W&F
Ingredient: Wood + Bristle
Quantity: 1 Piece
Size: about 12*6.5cm

Note that we make no medical claims nor does this replace medical advice. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor before trying for yourself!