Tuscany Overview & Itinerary

How to get there

You choose which Airport to arrive – Transfers will be arranged for you when you inform us of your travel arrangements.  The sooner the better so we may coordinate your smooth arrival to Villa Fabbri.

Price: Included

  • 5 nights in our private & traditional Italian Villa
  • Transportation from the MONTEVARCHI - TERRANUOVA Train Station is included in the cost
  • Private Intimate Sacred Setting set in the Tuscan countryside
  • 1 1/2 - 2 hours of daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation centered around Prana & Body Awareness to jump-start your day! Beginner to advanced Yoga
  • 5 fresh breakfasts
  • 1 or 2 in-house Plant-Based Meals with a Farm to Plate Preparation classes
    Optional according to group interest as we all love to convene around food!
    There is also the alternative of dining at a local Italian restaurant!
  • 10x5 meter private swimming pool
  • Exclusive Access to the International Polo Championships next door
  • Unforgettable experiences and new friendships!

Price: Excluded

  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers but can & will be arranged upon request
  • Insurance
  • Lunches
  • Yoga equipment - Please bring what you need
  • Private Yoga instruction
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • 3 evening meals
  • Excursions
  • Spa treatments or personal purchases


We all love food as life revolves around it and we celebrate with it but the question is how mindful are we about it? 

It’s easy to prepare simple satiating plant-based meals yet it’s especially important to be mindful of your thoughts while preparing food - focusing on gratitude, blessing your food, and also eating mindfully - really tasting all the flavors with you Senses!

We tend to “commune around food” but unknowingly unable to focus our attention in several places all at once.  When we try to eat and hold conversations all at the same time, we’re missing out on both because you cannot multitask! Both will loose your attention when your attention is scattered or split and then, your food will not digest properly.  Plus, many underestimate how the conversations held around food are just as important as that “energy fuses into your food as you prepare or consume it!”

We need to bring more Mindfulness and sacredness to the blessings of our food. 
The talking can always wait - we need to release this FOMO (fear of missing out) and fear of people not liking us because our Mind, Body, & Soul nourishment is foremost important for us to function fully and engage all our activities in this life with all faculties!

Ask yourself:  Are you conscious of the energy you pour into while you prepare your food? 

Food absorbs your thoughts and thus, imbibes nourishment or distress into the ritualistic eating experience accordingly.  This is why being mindful of the process is so very important!

When we prepare meals with the love in our hearts, it energetically infuses the food with increased vibrancy and vitality.  The body is aware of this, assimilates the nutrients more fully and is nourished properly.

There’s a reason we bless our food prior to eating - to give thanks for our food and those who made it possible for us to partake in it.  Gratitude increases our vibration, it elevates our happy hormones and makes us feel more fulfilled despite any external goings on in the world.

To truly savor each bite with that same sense of gratitude also infuses and enhances the nourishment in which it is meant to serve us. 

Mindfulness from start to the finish will increase your physical body’s vitality as well as your mental acuity and engagement in overall healthy living!  Awareness and Mindfulness are key to a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle!

While the local produce is organic, seasonal, and ripened by the beautiful warm Tuscan sunshine we will visit local markets, get to know the local area, and the locals well so we know the best places available to us.



This trip is designed to accommodate what it is YOU Need and only you can gauge when you may need to rest and observe your own self-care or silence. We respect and honor everyone’s individual needs. Know that you are supported in this sacred space in whatever capacity you may require whether it be a silent retreat, deep reflection, journaling, mindful walks along the countryside or time alone in your room.

Love Your Self Fully!

Optional Events & Excursions

We offer you choices on how you would like to spend your days and evenings. We like to allow people to decide according to what they want to experience while visiting this rich culture.

You will have the opportunity to decide in advance if you would like to book a day at the  spa or a particular treatment.

Day trips to see local cities like Siena known for “il Campo,” San Gimignano where saffron is prized & renown and you can climb the stairs to the old fortress Rocca di Montestaffoli, castles like Castelmuzio, Arezzo, museums, maybe you want to take in a hike, local open air markets, specialty artisan shopping, bee apiaries, boutique wine tasting, local vineyards, the many local Thermal Spas, etc...

In the evenings, we will offer various ways to expand your senses and create life shifting opportunities.

The Satori game is something special and unique. What appears to be a simple board game is really a life changer bringing awareness to areas of your unconscious or subconscious life for healing through radical forgiveness. It’s easier to play than to explain how it will Awaken and unfold in your life.

Meditation is always a option and highly encouraged. If you seek quiet solitude, Villa Fabbri offers lots of opportunity with quiet spaces to sit in deep reflection. 

Feeling creative?  We will also have Mandala coloring books available.

You may feel the need to take a walk or even a breathwalk where you mindfully inhale Sat and exhale Nam fully feeling your feet connecting to the earth below.

We’ll also provide the space to let loose freeing our bodies in Dance.  

Everything is optional and at your leisure because each experience is meant to enrich your life & only you know what you need!

I look forward to sharing this magical experience in Bell'italia with you!